There isn't a cheaper way to get speeds up to 100Mb/s

Blu 4G

Blu 4G – it’s not just for mobiles

4G isn’t just for mobiles. We’re powered by our own dedicated network that gives you fast internet, without the need for any wires, which means as soon as you plug in your Indoor Blu 4G wireless router, you’ll be able to enjoy the internet. The Blu 4G (LTE 2.6 Ghz) network is a brand new, state of the art 4G network using Ericsson and Cisco as our two key platform partners.

Blu 4G Javea Spain

What’s so great about Blu 4G Internet?

Online and on the go

You can access the Internet without being tied to a phone line or cable outlet – so you can move about your house, at a café, on the beach, in your garden… wherever you want to be within our coverage area.

Up and running within minutes

Blu 4G is simple to install and get up and running. You can buy your device from our retail outlets and as soon as you receive your device, you can be online within minutes. No waiting for complicated accounts to be set up or technicians to come to your house.

Take it with you

If you move house or apartment, your device goes with you. As long as you’re still in our coverage area, you can access the Internet with no extra set up or moving costs, and no downtime.

Add a home phone plan for great value calls

With our home gateway device, you can plug a phone into the phone port with a Spanish number provided and start saving straight away and the quality is comparable to a fixed line service.