Would you like FAST, Super-FAST, or the FASTEST Internet?

Fibre Optic

24€* /month

4-min. song (4MB) in 0.11 secs.
5-min. video (30MB) in 0.8 secs.
45-min. HD TV show (600MB) in 16 secs.
2-hour HD movie (3-4.5GB) in 1 min.

Fibre Optic

€36* /month

4-min. song (4MB) in 0.1 secs.
5-min. video (30MB) in 0.5 secs.
45-min. HD TV show (600MB) in 8 secs.
2-hour HD movie (3-4.5GB) in 40 sec.

Residential Fibre Optic Internet

Blu Fibre Optic Internet

Fibre Optic FTTH (Fibre To The Home) Broadband is the fastest Internet service available today. With an end-to-end Fibre Optic connection, you will typically experience a delay latency of less than 10ms (milliseconds).

Stability is built in, with bandwidth and data transmission speeds which don’t change, no matter the time of day or traffic load. Blu’s Fibre Optic Internet service provides performance you can depend on!

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Residential Air Fibre

Blu Fibre Air

Blu Air Fibre provides fast internet when it’s not possible to install a full Fibre Optic Cable end to end. The only part of the service that isn’t Fibre Optic is the link between your Antenna and the closest Blu Access Point.

Air Fibre provides an exceptionally fast wireless service, providing internet and data transmission speeds of up to 100Mb/s. With Blu Air Fibre you will typically experience a latency of less than 30ms (milliseconds)!

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Residential UK TV

Blu TV

The Blu TV service is available when you opt for any of our Fibre Optic, Fibre Air, and ADSL packages. You will be able to access all “free to air” British TV channels and more channels will be coming soon!

Our Blu TV service is easily installed “plug and play” by purchasing our MAG 25O set top box. The set-top box includes a remote control, our 8-day catch-up TV service, and a 7-day TV programme guide.

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Residential Fixed Line ADSL

Blu Fixed Line

Blu can supply all your Spanish fixed line services. No other telecoms and communications company in Spain has so many features and perfect call quality for such a low price.

We can supply as many lines as you need to your premises, and when you order Business lines with Blu we include the Hosted phone system for FREE – you only need to pay for the Line Rental and calls made.

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Residential Mobile Phones

Blu Mobile

Blu have many different tariffs to cover every situation and if we haven’t got the precise package you’re looking for, you can create a custom package to match your requirements with our unique “pick & mix” solution.

You don’t need to be tied into a long term contract and you can keep your existing mobile phone number or have a new one. We carry a wide range of handsets and accessories, and provide repairs, unlocking, and top-ups.

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Why choose Blu

Blu is a leading Telecommunications Operator in the Valencian Community, with our own dedicated Fibre Optic network. We supply the fastest internet service available in Spain today, with our lightning-fast Fibre Optic network delivering symetrical speeds of up to 500Mb/sec!

We also operate the fastest Wireless Internet networks in the region, so if you’re not within range of our fibre optic network, we can still provide you with the fastest internet speeds available in your location. Need a Spanish phone line? We install them too!

Our mobile phone tariffs are the best on the market, and whatever telecoms services you take out with us, everything is itemised in one easy monthly bill! If you run into any problems, our English speaking tech support staff will be happy to help, and tech support is free!

About Blu

Energy Phone Pro HD

Blu Fibre is True Fibre

Most “fibre broadband” services are not a complete network as the mix fibre optic cabling (to your local exchange) followed by the signal being passed along regular copper phone wires into your building, causing a substantial drop in signal and bandwidth.

Blu specialises in providing a complete network, with full-speed fibre optic broadband directly into your property. If your location falls outside our catchment area, or if our network hasn’t yet reached you, our Blu Fibre Air service is the perfect alternative.

Blu Fibre Air provides a Fibre Optic connection to your closest Antenna, with a final wireless “hop” to your premises. Our Air Fibre packages are available with transmission speeds of up to 100Mb/s, and we can also supply you with an integrated phone line and Spanish number.

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